2014- A transition and what is a doggie spa?

I hope you have stuck around.  You'll catch on to the several dynamics in my life that hopefully will resonate one or more of yours.  So, a few updates.  My son had another life lesson this weekend.  He didn't get to enjoy our traditional Valentines Day Red Lobster day dinner.  He's had his share of life lessons, which again parallels someone else's life, but not exactly.  He is far ahead on his Christian journey than I was and his heart, his heart has such love in it for EVERYONE!

We had our grandson this weekend which was so cool and once again, we were excited because we thought this was THE one of the four classes needed at our church.  Unfortunately, it wasn't and he knew right away.  No, I'm not a Grandma.  He and his sister made that clear from the start.  We all decided that it was either GMa or Glam-ma, which I'm fine with.  Actually, I'm so blessed to be a part of their lives that it doesn't matter...wait, it does matter.  Not sure why but do want a special name. 

Puppy.  Bella did great.  Learned a great puppy trick and it worked.  Had very little accidents.  Poor hubby had a virus and was sort of out of it, although he was trying his best and helping a lot.  We did learn that when she gets, you better grab any plastic or leather, as I quickly grabbed for my readers, IPhone, remotes...(Lesson #78).  So, puppy training going well.  She whines when she has to go (1 day short of 8 weeks), she definitely lets us know when she's hungry.  Our only challenge now is getting Roxie to like Bella.  Roxie keeps calling a cab, packing Bella's toys in a little suitcase, running in the house before she does, locking the door...you know the drill.  Total Alpha Dog Moments.  I had to Facetime my friend who gives her dog Max "spatime" just to make sure I was doing it right.  Bella wouldn't stay awake through the process but she enjoyed it.  We'll definitely be making this a ritual.  We tried it with Roxie and well, her poor ACL is making it challenging for her.  By the way, a doggie spa is when you rub their paws, pull their legs slightly, rub their ears inside and out and look at their teeth.  This relaxes them, improves your and their relationship and they simply love it.

Church was awesome as always.  Moses, just nearing the land of milk and honey, where he has led the Israelites for what seemed an eternity (got ya there!!), suddenly gets tired of the journey, right after Miriam has died and they are once again out of water.  God instructs he and others to go to the rock, speaks to it and water will pour out.  Instead, Moses stands on top and hits the rock with his cane twice and throws a temper tantrum.  Not good timing.  God has been so gracious, showing the Israelites that he not like the evil pharaoh and continues to give His Grace to His People, as they continue to complain about having to endure different struggles.  Because of his temper tantrum, he doesn't get to go into Canaan although later, we seem him, along with Elijah, on the Mount of Transfiguration.  It really connected to me the hypocrisy of this situation, how Moses had spent so much time mediating between the Israelites and God, explaining why they were throwing tantrums, why they were angry and what he does do?   Throws a temper tantrum and justifies it.  How many times I've done that in my life.  Not lately but more as a child. Of course, God has reminded me down that road of my errors but how easy it is to overlook the log in my eye and point out a thorn in others.  Walking in others shoes has been an ongoing homework assignment for me.  Reference Numbers 20 is a pretty cool Chapter to read.  Jimmy Evans preached this at Trinity Fellowship Church today and you can go to tfc.org and view it or listen to it.  My grandson and went by ourselves.  Hubby was sick and my son had to return to school, still dealing with a big, expensive life lesson.  We are helping him while he is in school. 

Tonight I sorted out all the Valentines Day stuff that had to be mailed to him, removed tags, wrote out cards, asked awesome hubby to mail, box, stamp, etc.  Does anyone else out there have a husband that not only fills in your words but does so much more for me than I could ever do for him?   God definitely had us linked long ago.  We still have unfinished stuff (which I don't like): taxes that need to be turned in, 2 items that I can't find (that's a separate blog all by itself), clothes that need to be hung up (after falling pulling all the Valentines Day stuff together, the free software we have to install...I think that is it.  Back to the 2 items...as long as they don't get to 2, I'm good. 

Oh, I'm having foot surgery Tuesday so I'm not sure when I'll be on but I'll be back.  This is #14 (I think it's #15 but why keep count?  There is no prize) and has nothing to do with the car accident (another separate blog).  I tried to impress hubby with an "air squat" at home and when I came down, I landed on my concrete floor, big NO-NO and please do not attempt.  Just be satisfied in your mind that you know what one is, you can actually do it and not end up lime a pretzel and just tell your fam about it...no demo needed.   So, plantar fasciitis.  15 minutes quick surgery and than I'm home.     Praying for quick recovery.  Probably going for crutches or stool.

Okay, signing off.  Really read Numbers 20...good story...Precious One's...I'm going to thank my Father for all of you tonight, that God provides blessing, strength, direction.  Have a blessed week, be the light of Jesus and do not let it be hidden.