Life-A New Chapter

Roxie and our new addition Bella....

Friday, one of my favorite days, although, while I say that, I always seem to get this work surge and stay late. Still trying to figure that one out. Since my wonderful boyfriend is home now, I have made it my goal to leave as close to 5 as possible. While I wish I could have started this blog years ago (I don't like the name "blog", it sounds like you're walking through jello to me), we'll all have to catch up together. Yes, last night, as I held Bella in my arms, I didn't think about death...and I was relieved. The last 3+ years, it has been a constant stream in our lives, not to anyone's intent, it just was. My husband lost both his parents in the last 4 years, one suddenly, his father and his mom, who lived in the same town, a few months ago. Keeping specific out of respect for other family members. I used to always wonder as a child, what was worse, dying suddenly or slowly dying of a disease. Dying suddenly is definitely better, in my opine. To watch my mother-in-law go through what she did, a once socially vibrant woman to one trying one chemo treatment after another and having to stay away from the public to keep her immune system up was difficult.

Ugh...back to life. Okay, one more death comment. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the 46 year old Oscar nominee who died in his apartment found in the bathroom, with a needle in his arm. I don't care about the details. Only that there are three beautiful children that will grow up without their father. Once again, another "star" gone. How we define stars today is interesting. In the Bible, our stars are God, the Great I Am, Omnipotent and there's Jesus, who came to take the earth back from satan, knowing what He would go through but knowing that it was necessary in order for us to be free from sin. What father could do that? Could I do that to my children? Send them somewhere and say, "Okay, well, you need to go on this trip and well, many will adore you but there are going to be this group of legalist people who are going to come after you and they will torture you, whip you with cat-o-nine tails until your back is shredded and the skin is gone. I'm really sorry about it but it get's worse. They'll make you carry this huge cross up this hill and hammer these very large nails into your hands, then put your two feet together and put one nail through both of them at once. They'll put a crown of thorns onto your already bloodied head and hang you from the cross. It will take you a while to die, you'll have nothing to hang onto, you body will literally break. Oh, and I forgot to tell you something else, probably a very important detail...your mother will be watching the whole thing, as will I." No way. Absolutely no way. Is that Love possible here on earth? Has it ever been possible? Yes, it was. Before Adam and Eve took of the apple in the Garden in Genesis. And believe it or not, that Love resides in us today, will the Holy Spirit. Jesus had to die in order for the Holy Spirit to come down and live within us. It's not that He walks away from us. He is always with us, in us. Ready to guide us. We walk away from Him.

The point about the "stars" of today is what do they have that you don't? Along the way someone noticed them. Then, they made a movie or went on a television show and made a bunch of money, which is something we all want. Look at Matthew 6:24, NIV (New International Version),

"No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

So true, so true. It never works and we keep seeing it over and over again. Whitney Houston, Hoffman (the star who just passed), Amy Winehouse. To so many, they "Had it all." Yes, that was a in one of her songs. What did it get them. When Hoffman got his Oscar for Capote, that was his pinnacle, or so he said. But it wasn't enough. There is never enough on this earth. Money isn't enough. In so many marriage books and seminars that my husband and I have read and attended, money is one of the top reasons marriages end. You can't serve two masters. There is so much I want to say about so many topics right now. I'll try to stay on track but you'll have to just hang with me for a while to get it all. I run on many tracks, which can be good and bad, depending on the situation.

My final thought. You can't get the Love that you are looking for any other way but through Jesus Christ. Money won't do proven by all the "stars" (obviously, I have a problem with us calling them that as I'd rather call them artists) who have passed trying to get to the next high, attempting to fill that hole in their heart that only Jesus can fill. And personally, as Miss Bella is sleeping soundly next to my wonderful husband and our grandson is visiting for the weekend (no, I'm not called Grandma although I'm not against that word, I'll explain later, I'm called Gma or Glam-ma), she hasn't had an accident since yesterday at 4. Thank you Mark for your advice on housetraining. I had never heard it before but it worked like a charm and I will definitely pass it on. And I'm so happy that my son returned home for a brief visit with his friend and help put Bella to sleep last night. There is comfort to a mothers' heart when their children are under their roof, albeit for a short visit.

Yes, there is life again and I feel the love! Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers the last couple of weeks and I will diligently Be Still waiting for answers to others.

More later, Precious Ones! Be thankful for Nails for your Faith and Love for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit will only grow!