Bee Pollen, Braces and Blessings

Bee Pollen is something that I've read about and heard about on the radio for years and was looking into it for energy.   I envisioned a sweet taste, something that would I would sip on a little at a time.  Well, like Lisa's imagination, reality is usually very different and now I know why so much advertising is done.  Bee Pollen is very good for energy, which is what I was interested in.  So, my boyfriend quickly runs to his favorite health food store and returns with what looks like gold pellets.  I'm pumped and ready to go.  He give me my first dose...    Does anyone remember when you took your first bite of slimy spinach as a young child?  The consistency?  The dark taste?   Okay, I believed it was good for me, still do, knew I had to chew it because it was already it my mouth.  So, I chew....and chew....chew some more...the pellets get stuck in my teeth...and then it hit...the taste...not sweet...doesn't taste or smell like honey...not close.  The closest resemblance of what Bee Pollen taste like is wet dog hair.   Not that I've eaten wet dog hair but if I had, it would definitely taste like bee pollen and wouldn't have the energy.  Needless to say, I now put Bee Pollen in my shakes and can't taste the pellets.  I fully believe in the product.

Braces went through a 6 year fear when I was a teenager.  One was storms where I would go to bed with clothes on in case a storm would come.  Before you wonder (see, you wondered anyway...yes, shoes included)  Like, how was that going to save me?  My other fear was, is and will be dentist related services.  I had a old-fashioned dentist in St. Louis that started to fill my cavities with no novacaine.  I don't remember much except one minute I was in the metal chair and the next, I was in the parking lot, crying.  The next pedi dentist slapped me because I was getting in the way of him flirting with his dental assistants.  With that said, my fear of dentists is irrational...there, I admitted it.  (That saved like 4 therapy sessions, I'm pretty sure).  So, when everyone was getting braces, I seriously tried to become invisible.  It seemed the most pain torture a teen could endure...and A PARENT HAD TO PAY OR THE TORTURE!   Something was wrong with this picture.  So time passed and here we are.  Next week,  believe or not, this chick is getting braces.  Eek...but only for 18 months.  My overbite makes me look like the nutty professor.  (She clicked her red glitter shoes...well, I don't have any of, whatever shoes I'm wearing.."It's only 18 months, it's only 18 months...."  I'll put up a picture...IF I'm brave enough.

Blessings...this is a tough one.  We are in a waiting period.   We are in prayer morning, night and are in constant communications with Jesus.   Sometimes, when we are in a valley are in a waiting period, we don't talk about blessings, just about the frustration of not getting answer to prayer.  I have to share with you.  I've been the queen of justification when it comes to tithing.  
'That's the Old Testament", "I'll give of my time and that will count."  And the Holy Spirit continued to nudge.  I've never tithed up until December 2013.  Oh, ya...I've given here and there but always had an excuse..."Lisa, you sing and that is like tithing."   In November last year (2013) Jimmy Evans really convicted my boyfriend and I to go in all the way because one thing we've learned (through Frances Chan from our Lord) is that there is no gray and we were playing it gray.  So, we give over our tithe every month, on one income.   What is so whacked about this is that ever since my main man, the father of the house stopped working, I have't worried nor have had fear. I knew we would be provided for.  [Which is odd for Lisa because in the past, Lisa had to be control]  And sure enough, every day, we've enough food, shelter and extra.  Our God is such a Big Amazing God.  Why don't we walk out on Faith more often?  Do I not trust Him?  Of course I do.  Or do I trust myself more?   Do we really think that we can handle a situation better than our maker?  Hang with me here...that's like saying a puppet (of sorts) knows how to move better or act better than the puppetmaster who made the puppet.  As for the puppet, we would be nothing without God.   Just look what He did for us, sent His Son to die and wear ALL our sins on HIM.  What father would do that?  What a sacrifice!  Amen!!

In closing, I pray blessings on those I work with, that they be lifted up and placed at the feet of Jesus for answer to prayer.  Be Still, fellow believers and feel the Love of the Holy Spirit Wash Over You!