Puppy, Post-Op and Patience

Hello again!  Sorry for the pause...I had foot surgery and was laid up, literally.  So, let's catch us up. Our puppy, Bella, is now 12 weeks old and weighs around 20 pounds, sits, stays (a little), lays down and has started to heel and is almost completely housebroken and yes, Roxie, our 8 year old remains intent on find a home for her, although when Roxie thinks we're not looking, she is licking Bella and acting very protective of her.  My better half is now known as the Rottie Whisperer as he definitely has a knack for training Rottweilers.  Here is a picture of her just yesterday.
Just a few weeks ago, she would fit there much easier but as you can see, not so much!  

Okay, my Post Op...very normal for me but not so good.  I don't think I'm that unusual.  I had 5 sick days, had been in pain since last May, hadn't done cardio since then so I wanted it done.  Followed the instructions, stayed in the lovely boot for 17 days, went to get the stitches out and my doc realized that I had been on my feet way too much.  Patients normally are off their feet 3 weeks.  So, we are "gimping" along, sitting at my desk at work, coming home and rest in my recliner.  As I said before, you'll learn about me through this.  Serious car accident in '87, 15 surgeries later and now admit, I speed recovery, usually out of necessity (at least my version).  

Patience is my third topic.  The Holy Spirit put on our hearts that we were in the desert the couple of years.  A few fellow church members who were trained in prophecy validated that as well.  We were urged to Be Still (And Know That I Am God) Isaiah 46:10.  I sometimes think that God had the Prophet Isaiah write that for me in mind.   There are so many instances that Be Still has been the answer to so many problems, issues, unanswered questions.   I can only speak for myself, but it seems like the more I try to slow down, the busier I become.  Do you feel like that?  And this is difficult with this foot thing.  Years ago when Personal Computers were introduced, the objective was to be more efficient.  What I've found is that I do more in less time which means (to a Type A personality like myself) is that I can do more in less time.  I think what I'm supposed to do is STOP when I complete the tasks.  Try telling a Type A personality to STOP.  

So, I have the next 3 subjects already selected for our next time together.   My wisdom, enjoy a puppy when they are small, take the extra time to heal..it's worth it in the long run and Read the Word, Pray, Listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling you and I and Be Still.  Most important?  Love Thy Neighbor!  God's 2nd Commandment.  Remember to pray specifically and often.  Talk to our Father!  He does listen.

Great EMail devotionals: Wisdom Hunters and Proverbs 31!  Love all of you!